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The Compassion Project, Only Compassion Defeats Dehumanization

Compassion doesn't have to be a "deep sorrow", just the willingness to be moved to ease the pain of another, the w...

Monday, October 3, 2016

The Compassion Project, Only Compassion Defeats Dehumanization

Compassion doesn't have to be a "deep sorrow", just the willingness to be moved to ease the pain of another, the willingness to care.

Compassion isn't weakness, it is having the strength to help someone else to hold on and stand up.  It is hard, maybe impossible, to take compassion too far.

You cannot win a war against something that you are actively creating or promoting, such as Poverty, Drugs, Crime, Racism, or Unemployment. AIDS was human-created but the epidemic was spread through irresponsible conduct, ignorance, the War on Drugs, the War on Poverty, the War on Sexuality, the War on Terrorism, and the Privilege War created by hierarchy.  All wars of dehumanization. 

Continuing its generation while trying to destroy it creates an infinite loop that becomes a downward spiral. 

Most, if not all of these are disorders of personal, moral, social, or systemic health. Do we want to destroy or heal? 

Civilization is a compassion project created to help not harm. First, do no harm.

Total empathy, actually feeling each other’s pain, would just multiply and spread it, traumatizing everyone. Compassion tries to share and reduce everyone’s pain. It starts with the self and expands, rather than sucking you into internal misery. 

We can end pain. Pain is part of life, development, love, and healing. We can try to make its smaller and easier to bear. Without compassion even love is toxic.

We can willfully try to dominate and destroy or we can try to nurture, treat wounds, and improve general health rather than inflicting more damage. Weapons and war can never heal.  Only compassionate care can.  Treat don’t defeat. You only end up defeating yourself.  You don’t improve health by attacking but by dealing with the problem.  Our antibiotic war on microbes, including preventive strikes, perfectly demonstrates this. You end up attacking allies and enemies and your body, the weapons only making the enemy stronger.  We don’t usually destroy diseases, medicines and vaccines usually help the body to deal with them so that they are no longer threats and might even become helpful. 

That’s adaptation and evolutionary fitness. That’s compassion.

Compassion disarms while making us all stronger and healthier.

Compassion is the purpose for which we are here, for civilization, and perhaps life. Life is evolution toward compassion, the ultimate practical guarantee of genetic diversity and continuity. That is the only right nature grants us and the root of all others we define. 

A single cell doesn’t create anything but clones through division, without help and a level of cooperation. Without a level of compassion for self, group, and life itself , the ability to treat the other as more similar than different than the self, there can be no ability to work toward a common purpose or goal, only individual benefit, contribution, and competition. 

That’s how sacrifice, heroism, civilization, and positive revolution are possible. Otherwise life is trapped competitive self-reproduction through the destruction of others. An ecosystem is more creative, adaptive, and fit than the most rugged individual but neither can exist in a state of healthy progress without the other. 

The Compassion Project is the universal human project but it starts with yourself. You only need enough will-power to choose to try. Addictions to drugs, violence, risk, food, hate, judging, anger, privilege, or wealth, can’t be defeated, but they can be treated with compassion and potentially healed, if only enough to stop it being a disorder to life. Greed, pride, lust, sloth, anger, and the rest, are all addictions that are disorders in thinking, society, and life; sins against progress and compassion. 

Will-power alone is not enough. Manipulating reality through sheer will-power would be magic. It only enables you enables you to choose compassion. Only then is true recovery and health possible.

According to the Christian Bible, compassion gave Jesus the love to experience total empathy with our pain, enabling his sacrifice to have meaning. Compassion redeems, resurrects, and perfects, life, but only the divine can bear total empathy.  

The Compassion Project has one central principle/axiom/law/regulation/commandment:

Thou Shalt Not Be An Ass-Hole, Even To Thy Self.

Love is far too complicated an idea for us to mange to Love Thy Neighbour as Thy Self.

First, you need compassion for yourself. This enables you to have more for others.

Don’t be an ass-hole. Promote compassion for yourself and others. You deserve it. We all do.

There is no justice without it.

There is no civilization.

There is no humanity.

Only compassion defeats dehumanization.

Compassion doesn't have to be a "deep sorrow", just the willingness to be moved to ease the pain of another, the willingness to care. To see another person and their suffering as  like your own, regardless of cause, because they are like you. The Golden Rule is based on nature's laws, physics, not belief or faith. Actions get returned with equal force. Compassion is the straightest path that prevents the action from being bounced off at an angle, distracted from its intention and altered to produce a different effect.  Love has too many angles. Deep sorrow would be too close to total empathy, actually experiencing the pain of another. According to the story, there was only one person capable of actually feeling all our pain and surviving, but he sweated blood.

We don't have to sweat blood, just be willing to care and do something.

You don't have to be the sole cause of brilliant, widespread, irresistible, earthshaking, change, just a part of the critical mass needed to start a chain-reaction. 

That’s the Project.

If he didn't say it, he should have.

Even an anus gives a crap occasionally, only an ass-hole doesn't. An ass-hole only forces through undigested assumptions.

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Compassion: the centuries-old solution to violence

Armstrong urges us to follow the lead of the Buddha.
"The Buddha looked at the world… with compassion and saw the world in pain and spent the next 40 years of his life trying to help people to live with their pain. This is our message now. This is what every one of us can do: to increase awareness of the pain of the world, to let it disturb us. It's not easy... We should all be sweating with the effort of how to bring the message of compassion - that alone can save our world - to public awareness."

Everything is always in process
Only compassion defeats dehumanization.