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Friday, April 6, 2018

Striking Back: #FacebookDataRevolt #Facebook #DataRevolt #Facebook #Data #Revolt

I have always been careful with what I share with the Facebook algorithm. Other than affirming that I am over 14, I've gone by the motto that I may have agreed to share my data, but I never agreed it would be useful or accurate. From the first time that it asked a birth year, I chose the earliest one one the list. I think I"m 113 now. I always use Ad Blocker, clear my cookies and close the browser immediately after visiting Facebook, and have never used any of their apps.

Seeking a way to protest their behaviour and betrayal of our trust, I decided to pollute my data trail with as much noise as possible. Junk data points like random likes, fake phone numbers and addresses in messages and by sharing things that have no relation to me. The more noise in the system, the less effective their targeting and the less valuable it is to advertisers and other customers.

I decided to focus on the sponsored posts and ads in my feed. I have rarely used the feed because of these features and not wanting to leave an opinion trail. On each post I gave a fake opinion and then left a comment saying what I was doing and suggesting the method to others. I was hoping to spread my message and annoy the advertisers.

It seems to have worked better than I hoped. I copied my message until they disallowed me, after about 5 to 7 posts in a day. I did it for two days. On the third day I discovered that every time I glimpse an ad or sponsored post it vanishes. Poof. Gone. They must want to keep me from annoying their advertisers and letting them know the data may be corrupt. It seems they can't stop you commenting on these things that they force upon you in any other way.

I count this as my first victory. I have banished the ads and sponsored posts that pay Facebook's bills from my feed. They were one of the reasons I didn't bother with the feed in the first place. I have improved my experience and made myself less valuable to them.

This is the comment I posted:

We should flood #Facebook with junk data points about ourselves, random likes, shares, phone numbers in our messages, to make their data mining less valuable and marketing less accurate. #datarevolt Give them noise. I'm targeting sponsored posts at the moment. Weaponize MY data
This the version I'm now using:
To cause change you don't have to be the bomb, just a link in a chain reaction.I'm playing a new game on #Facebook, I'm chasing ads off my page. I post a comment on sponsored posts warning that I'm poisoning my data with false reactions and suggesting others do so. Ads now run away from me. Fun. #datarevolt

It took 10-14 comments over two days. Now I have to hunt for them and comment before they vanish. It isn't easy but it's fun as I remarked when I discovered it:
They let me post on sponsored ads again. Their mistake.
Hehehe. The ads are running again. Good season for that. I caught ten or twelve today before they all ran away.

From what I've heard only 1 in 10 users might be willing to delete or abandon Facebook. The rest are tied to it for business or keeping contact with those they would otherwise not be able to. I figure its easier to convince more people to chase away the ads we all hate with a game of copy and paste. Then instead of a sacrifice, it's fun.

Imagine if everyone does this.

It's our data. Let them know we can revolt.

We are like a bee colony that needs the hive in which to gather and communicate. Our normal activities generate the honey that Facebook sells to advertisers. We don't want to destroy the hive just show the beekeepers what happens when you piss off your bees.

Swarm the advertisers with false opinions and doubt about their advertising effectiveness.  Sting Zuckerberg in the wallet and make him pay attention to the producers. It's less work than trying to find and build and new hive, and it gets our point across loudly.

Sunday, March 18, 2018

#Christians, #Hypocrites, and #Antichrists, what's the difference?

Popular fiction and some preachers would have you believe that the Antichrist is a child born of the devil to be equivalent to Jesus in the final war. This comes from the belief that the devil is somehow the equal and opposite of the Father and Jesus. The Bible states that Jesus is equal to the Father but that Lucifer was merely an angel tossed out Heaven before anyone was born. I've been taught that the devil is forever locked in spiritual form and unable to gain a body. He has power only through us. Thus he cannot father a child and that child would be nowhere near the equal of Jesus.
What defines Christ, the Saviour, is compassion. He was willing to forgive the repentant, condemning only the money-changers exploiting the faithful, the hypocritical religious leaders, and child abusers. He commanded those who would call themselves Christians to leave judgment and the saving of souls to him. We are to work on our own salvation not that of others. We are to present the message and move on if it is not accepted, not to condemn or convert. We are to love everyone. Only one who has lived perfectly, suffered the pain of all, and sacrificed himself for our good is qualified to judge. The rest of us have beams blocking our view.

Like matter and antimatter, there are many Christians and many Antichrists.

As Christians we take his name upon us and are to act as he would. This means that we can be Christians, hypocrites, or Antichrists. A Christian works on building the kingdom of compassion. A hypocrite claims righteousness while ignoring their failings to point out those in others. An Antichrist claims righteousness while actively working against the kingdom by judging and trying to covert others through force. They sow division and antipathy rather than compassion. They preach violence and greed in the name of Jesus. They are the false prophets of fundamentalism who ignore the true fundamentals of compassion.

The Father sent one saviour. Only one saviour will come again. The claim by some Antichrists that any other leader is chosen by god save the people is a dead giveaway of what they are. No one else is the Christ.

A Christian is commanded to build the kingdom of compassion here and now, not wait for a miraculous escape before the world is burned and rebuilt. An Antichrist is selfish enough to expect the rescue and not care what happens to everyone else. Selfishness and compassion. Selfishness is the root of all evil. Compassion is the source of all good and grace. Selfishness weakens all involved, dividing with fear that becomes hate. Compassion strengthens giver and receiver while uniting both in hope.

If you are not building then you are tearing down.

Monday, January 22, 2018

What is #Socialism?

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Challenging the standard definition and associations, socialism isn't an authoritarian state controlled society where the individual is sacrificed to the group but a democratic society of socially empowered individuals responsible socially to each other.

The standard definition and associations with the term "socialism" are:

noun: socialism
a political and economic theory of social organization that advocates that the means of production, distribution, and exchange should be owned or regulated by the community as a whole.

synonyms:leftism, welfarism; radicalism, progressivism, social democracy;communism, Marxism, labor movement
  1. Policy or practice based on the political and economic theory of socialism.
  2. (in Marxist theory) a transitional social state between the overthrow of capitalism and the realization of communism 
Like conservatism and liberalism, socialism has different means depending on who you talk to, whether they are talking economics, politics, or sociology, and which historical association is being used.  Socialism seems especially prone to this as even Marx defined it as being in-between, by what it is not. The synonyms provided by Google are confused because they list apparently opposing things. Is socialism communism? Is it compatible with democracy or must it be authoritarian? Can it work? What is socialism?

I would like to focus it down to a single base spectrum. On one end is individualism with the opposite extreme being communism. Individualism focuses on the individual and liberty while communism focuses on the community and responsibility. The extremes sacrifice one for the other and pit them against each other like enemies. Socialism would be the individual within the community and the community as a group of individuals, a balance. A potentially virtuous circle of individual empowerment by society and communal responsibly by the individual with both benefiting and all boats truly lifted at once. Balanced economics and politics then become possible. We cease to be us versus them and become individuals acting together, despite disagreements, for the common good. Disagreements remain of course but the suspicion of enemies within goes away. The disagreements become over the best way to do good, between which there can be compromise, rather than between warring factions.

Does socialism work? Examples of successful social democracies have topped the list of happiest, healthiest, best educated, (etc.) countries since there have been lists. That seems like evidence to me. It isn't because they are so exceptional, it is because they are social.

In my view, the neoliberal individualism rampant today is as destructive as authoritarian communism.  We don't need the state controlling the individual at the expense of freedom and creativity, or the individual running wild in selfish glee at the cost of civilization. What we need is a society that empowers the individual and individuals who act responsibly in contributing to the society. A society based on egalitarianism and compassion instead of greed, fear, competitive dominance, or privileged hierarchy. Not a utopia but a more balanced reality. Extremes tend to be destructive.

We have empowered the individual at the expense of social cohesion and interpersonal duty. We need the empowered individual to take a responsible civil role in society for both to thrive. We need to recognize and respect the duties we have as citizens to be informed, to vote, and to participate however else we can in shaping and maintaining our society.

When you are selfish you fear things being taken from you. When you are compassionate you willingly give. Modern conservatism has fallen victim to selfishness and is now consumed and driven by fear. The fearful can only lash out they cannot contribute.

We have spent thirty-plus years building an antisocial society that is perfectly suited for narcissists and psychopaths to rise to the top. Our entire society is assuming these traits. It is time we became social again.

Thursday, August 17, 2017

#Fundamental #Christianity: The #Literal #Word of #Christ

There are few parts in the Bible where god speaks directly. The rest is history, laws, culture, and interpretation through and by prophets and clerics, none of who are infallible or divine in knowledge.  The largest number of god’s literal words is spoken by Jesus in the four Gospels. The word he speaks is the word of which he speaks when he talks of not living on bread alone. The rest of the Bible is the bread around the Word, important but not essential to the meat of the sandwich. Jesus preached and practised compassion, forgiveness, moderation, mercy, peaceful protest, and self-sacrifice leading to the ultimate martyrdom. This is what those who take upon them his name as Christians are supposed to do to identify themselves. Jesus drove merchants from the sacred, chastised the legal and religious hypocrites in power, fulfilled the laws of the Old Testament instituting his one law of love, and condemned only child abusers, without reservation or mercy.   

We are to judge only ourselves and save attempt to save only our own souls. That’s tough enough for one life. We help others but only god can save a soul. Jesus wasn’t violent and he had the most compassion for the least amongst us, the addicts, the sex workers, the diseased, the foreigner, the insane, the poor, and the lost. He had more respect for camels than the rich and actually said to pay your taxes to the nation and your tithes to god, to give the shirt off your back, especially if you are especially blessed. If you are a conservative Christian you can’t believe that anyone does it by themselves. We always have help and guidance, often in “mysterious ways”, we only recognize in long hindsight. 

Jesus despised hypocrites who acted holier than thou, but someone who lives and promotes the opposite of his words is an Antichrist. The Bible doesn’t say there will be just one.  Anyone preaching hate, violence, intolerance, dehumanization, judgment, and fear, is an Antichrist and should be thus named. They have taken it willingly upon themselves through their actions. Their fruit rots on their tree and poisons all who partake.

I am a Christian fundamentalist trying to follow the fundamentals of Christ, the literal Word of God. Read them.

I say this as an ordained priest in the name of Jesus the Christ.


Monday, August 7, 2017

Mobius Time and the Phoenix Cosmos


Here's a thought.....

Second Law of Thermodynamics: In any cyclic process the entropy will either increase or remain the same. Entropy: a state variable whose change is defined for a reversible process at T where Q is the heat absorbed. Entropy: a measure of the amount of energy which is unavailable to do work..
Although entropy does increase with disorder, it is not disorder, but the measure of the energy in that ordered or disordered state. The relationship is intimate but they are not the same. Just as time and space are similar but not the same, nor is there an arrow of time, it is a Mobius strip. Three physical dimensions while time has three probabilistic dimensions coexistent in one physical space which we perceive as the present. The present is an eternally permuting instant, where determined past probabilities organize unlimited future possibility into reality, into the now. The past, present, and future, are not a line or arrow but a “point”, perhaps a tachyon or maybe THE tachyon. There is no physical place called the future, nor physical place called the past.

Entropy is the opposite of quality in measuring the amount of energy available for work. The transition from one maximum state to the other is how we define the arrow of time. But as the entropy of the universe increase and its quality decreases with expansion, dark energy appears to get stronger, or at least maintain it strength in comparison to the lowering of the universe’s energy. Perhaps they have an inverse relation. Perhaps instead of thinking of the “arrow of time” as a finite arrow, we think of its as rubber and twist it into a Mobius strip, an infinity symbol. Perhaps the universe’s energy reaches a maximum in entropy just a dark energy reaches its maximum in quality, like one flowing back into the other through an undercurrent. Then as one universe reaches energy death, anther universe with maximum ordered quality is born. Then the old would in essence feed dark energy into the expansion of the new, continuing the cyclic process forever without infinite expansion or need for a beginning or end, just an empty infinite expanse of infinite duration for it all to expand and contract within.

Also, if the effects of time slow as you approach light speed and stop at light speed, then those effects would reverse beyond light speed. The clock would reverse but you would remain in the physical present. There is no physical past to travel to. Even if there was, all of physics runs backward. Or, at the very least, your body would. You would try to undigest your food, inhale CO2 and exhale O2, and see the light receding from your eyes. Your body would try to get younger, to reverse its growth back to a single cell. You likely wouldn't live long enough for your misfiring brain to work out how to ask what was going on. Travelling into the future is a perceptual trick where you attain near stasis while remaining in the present. You just skip ahead in memory having essentially been in a coma for the duration. There is no physical future to go to. Time travel is an impossibility.

The future is unwritten but it does have a trajectory based on realized possibilities. Like the weather it can be modelled and predicted to a degree of accuracy dependent on intuiting or knowing all the variables and probabilities involved. A psychic might intuit certain of these while a god would have broader, deeper, more certain knowledge and intuition.

The Phoenix Universe/Cosmos would consist of three existential "layers":
  1. The Current defined by probability or certainty
  2. The Quantum Foam defined by uncertainty and universal possibility
  3. The Undercurrent defined by unpredictability or randomness

Sorry Doc, you're not a time traveller, you jump from universe to universe. alternate reality to alternate reality. You are a cosmos lord.